In the marketplace, the 54C and 57C, following on
from the 53C, were positioned head-on with Emerson,
who claimed to sell more of this class of receiver than
any other manufacturer (see
model 25A, over 200,000
of which were sold). Nevertheless, the Philco superhet-
erodyne 57C was superior to Emerson's 25A TRF and
would do very well, selling
110,500 units.

The chassis is a 4-tube AC-powered superhetero-
dyne covering two-bands -  standard broadcast from
540-1500kc and police/amateur from 1500-3200kc.
Waveband selection is by means of a switch at the
rear. The tube line up is 77 (mixer/LO), 77 (2nd det/
IF regen), 42 (output pentode) and 80 (rectifier). Like
80/81, regeneration is applied in the 2nd
detector to provide IF amplification.

Advertisers claimed this set to be
"the first small radio
to carry the Fire Underwriters Approval" .
It is worthy
of note in this respect that Philco, unlike Emerson,
never used resistive line cords (curtain burners).

Three ads to the right show the progression of pricing
for the Philco 57C in Eastern regions. Introduced in
June of 1933 at $15, it was $20 by Sept and $22.50 in
time for Christmas. These ads appeared numerous
times in various Eastern regions. For 1934, the price
held @ $22.50 through January, but thereafter it was
discounted (ad lower far right, $16.95) once the 57C
was discontinued, early in 1934.

The ad from Salt Lake City dated Sept 1933 (far up-
per right) has atypical pricing, even for the West. It
lists the 57C at $19.50 and 54C at $32.50.
The Philco ac-powered model 57C compact was intro-
duced in June of 1933 as part of the company's 1934
"Junior" line. It was the season's price leader, with an
introductory price of $15 ($15.75 out West). In what
had become a standard maneuver however, the price
was inched up and by Christmas it was selling for
$22.50 (see ads lower right). Introduced at the same
time was the ac-dc powered sister model 54C in a
very similar cabinet, priced initially at $25.

Philco's compacts (especially the 54C) featured prom-
inently in their advertising for 1934, where they proud-
ly proclaimed:
Philco Model 57C Compact Table (Mantel) Radio (1933)
An ideal radio for your porch, living room or summer cottage  ...little giants in
"Philco's line is complete! There are models
for every purse and purpose - and each is
the leader in its class. Built-in, balanced
unit quality ensures perfect reception with
every 1934 Philco".
June 1933,
North Carolina
Dec 1933, Virginia
Sept 1933, Illinois
Mar 1934, Iowa
Philco 57C Junior Compact Table Radio (1933)
Sept 1933, Salt Lake
Dec 1933, Iowa
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