This version of the Philco 54C was
introduced in early 1935 with a sales price
of $29.95. The 54C's chassis initially
debuted in 1933, housed in a cabinet
similar to that of the early

The set is an AC/DC powered 2-band
super-het having 5 tubes:- 6A7 (mixer/ LO),
78 (IF), 75 (second detector/AVC/1st AF),
43 (power o/p) and 25Z5 (rectifier). Band
coverage is standard broadcast (540
-1500kc) and shortwave (1.5 - 3.2mc) with
waveband selection being by means of a
switch at the
rear. Schematic.

The 54C's chassis, considering its 1933
vintage, stands as quite an engineering
accomplishment for Philco - its highly
compact design performs very well!

The cabinet is very similar to that of the
contemporaneous model
59C, with the
exception, at least for my example, of the
veneer and grille cloth.

These sets, along with the
54S and 59S,
are often referred to amongst collectors
today as the Philco "owl eye" models.
Philco Model 54C Table (Mantel) Radio (late version, 1935)
The perfect little radio... Philco 54C.
"Handy compact model for home or office. Operates on either
Alternating or Direct Current...plugs in anywhere. Unusual tone
and performance. Exceptional value!"

"You'll be surprised at the remarkable tone, power and
performance that Philco has crowded into this compact model. Big
set features. Regular programs, police calls, amateur calls"
source: 1935 newspaper advertsing
"The natural loveliness of the wood is
brought out through the use of
two-toned mahogany on the face. A rich
brown tone on top and ends matches
with the dark portions of the
mahogany. Satin finished"
Philco 54C Compact Table Radio (1934/35)