Philco Model 53-563 "Split-Level" Table Radio (1953)
This is one of my favorite Philcos of the 1950s era. It's a 5-tube ac/dc receiver that covers standard
broadcast from 540 -1620kc and the former police or "special services" band from 1700kc to 3400kc.
The tube line-up is the AA5 miniature set 35W4, 35C5, 12BA6, 12BE6 and 12AV6. A 35C5 is used in
place of the expected 50C5 because the set features a "tube-saver" resistor intended to reduce the
severity of turn-on current surges caused by cold filaments, thereby extending the life of the tubes.
The resistance of the tube-saver reduces from approximately 880Ohms at room temperature to
around 100Ohms once warmed up. The rear of the set houses a high-impedance loop antenna and
also sports a waveband switch.

This model appeared in ebony plastic (as pictured), swedish red and possibly also in brown and ivory
colored plastics. To me this has very under-appreciated styling, reminding me sometimes of a split-
level house and at other times, returning to the classic 1950s theme of classy methods of convey-
ance, of a streamlined passenger bus. A set waiting to be discovered by the collecting community!
Decorator styled...modern as tomorrow..packed with advanced features.
Philco 53-563 Plastic Table Radio (1953)
Philco 53-563 Plastic Table Radio (1953)
Philco 53-563 Plastic Table Radio Rear View (1953)