Philco 49-501 "Boomerang" Brown Bakelite Table Radio (1949)
The Philco 49-501, better known as the
Philco "boomerang" or "Jetson's" model, has
become highly collectible in recent years.  Its
sweeping curves have prompted at least one
commentator to remark that it resembles a
futuristic flying machine attempting to take off
in two directions at once!

It had an original purchase price of around
$22.95 and was also available in an ivory
painted bakelite case.

The radio covers the standard broadcast
band from 540-1620kc and has the AA5 tube
line-up:- 7A8 (converter), 14A7 (IF amp),
14B6 (detector/AVC/1st AF), 50A5 (AF amp)
and 35Y4 (rectifier). It is ac/dc powered. The
schematic is available
here, courtesy of
Philco 501 - New Concept in a Table Radio... striking new design... surprising radio power and tone.
"Rich walnut plastic cabinet with
sweeping modern lines.. encases a
powerful superheterodyne circuit"
Philco 49-501 'Boomerang' Bakelite Table Radio (1949)