Philco 48-472 Brown Bakelite AM/FM Table Radio (1948)
The 7-tube Philco AM/FM 48-472 was
introduced in 1947 for the 1948 model
year. Its 1947 retail price was not inex-
pensive, at $79.95!

The radio covers standard broadcast
from approximately 550-1600kc and
the modern FM band from 88-108mcs.
The 7-tube line-up is:- 12AW6 (FM RF
amp), 14F8 (AM/FM converter), 14H7
(1st IF), 14H7 (2nd IF), 14X7 (AM/FM
detector, 1st AF), 50A5 (AF output)
and 117Z3 (rectifier). The schematic
can be found at the
website. The schematic is in DJVU
format and you may have to down-
load an application from the link on
the site's
schematics page to view it.
If you have your own copy of Riders,
the schematic is on Philco page

This was a flea market find and I just
knew it was going to be a beauty as
soon as I started cleaning it. It looks
like it was fresh out the box!
GREAT FM Radio Value!
"GREAT FM Radio Value! In addition to regular AM, gets highly efficient reception"
Philco 48-472 Bakelite AM/FM Table Radio (1948)