Philco Model 48-464 Brown Bakelite Table Radio (1948)
Another big bakelite radio with 6-tubes and providing BC and SW coverage. Similar styling to the 48-472.
However, this one has had greater usage during its years and the decals have all been eroded, with the
exception of a trace of one above the bottom right knob. Nevertheless this set cleaned up nicely. The
schematic & specifications for this 6-tube radio are all available
here, courtesy of NostalgiaAir.

I bought this radio from a small antique store a few towns over. The guy used to call me from time to time
letting me know when he had a radio he thought I might like. Got a few interesting sets from him, including
AK Kiel 55 table. Unfortunately, a while back I heard this guy had been murdered by his son. He had
moved away to another district with big plans for his business, but they weren't to be. Sad story.
Philco 48-464 Bakelite Table Radio (1948)