Pre- and Post-Photos of Philco 45 Restoration
Philco 45C 'Butterfly' Compact Table Radio
Philco 45C Compact Table Radio 'as found'
BEFORE (chassis removed)
On the whole, the cabinet 'as found' wasn't too bad. The worst part was the eroded section around the left
knob. The wood was well worn down here and I had to cut out a section and patch it, taking care to match the
thickness of the patch with the surrounding area. Many coats of black lacquer then did a good job of hiding
any signs of the patch.

Since doing this restoration many years ago I have learned that black lacquer is in fact the incorrect finish for
this radio. The dark sections, in common with many (though not all!) of the contemporaneous Philcos, should
be dark walnut applied in such a manner as to leave just the merest hint of the underlaying grain showing.
The effect is not uniform but usually muddy and patchy in appearance. This is an oft made mistake. Indeed
some current guide books even refer to the 45C as having the trim finished in black.
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