The Philco model 45 Lowboy (45L) console radio was in-
troduced in June of 1934, listed at $59.95. It was one of
49 new models for the 1935 model year and was heavily
promoted by Philco as a
world wave receiver. It could not
strictly be considered
all wave as it did not cover the band
region above 13mcs. The 45L continued to be offered for
sale through June of 1935.
The 6-tube ac-powered 45L tunes the broadcast band
from 540-1720kc and shortwave from 4.2-13mcs. Its tube
complement is 6A7 (mixer/LO), 39/44 (1st IF), 39/44 (2nd
IF), 75 (2nd-detector/AVC/1st AF), 42 (output) and 80
(rectifier). It uses the same chassis as the popular 45C
Butterfly" set. Schematic, courtesy of NostalgiaAir.

For 11 weeks at the end of 1934 Philco celebrated the
production of its 5 millionth radio. As part of an aggressive
advertising campaign, special promotions on Philco radios
were offered in stores, including extra generous trade-in
allowances, preferential credit terms and combination
deals, where one of Philco's 1935 models was bundled
together with accessory items, all for the price of the radio
alone. Two bundle advertisements featuring the Philco 45L
are included below (Nov 26th & Dec 1934).
Philco 45 Lowboy (45L) Console Radio (1934)
Philco 45L ..brings you GUARANTEED foreign reception.
"Philco's engineering genius makes it easy to
"go places" for thrilling radio entertainment"
"A powerful new radio that tunes in the world.
Latest features including Bass Compensation,
Automatic Volume Control, Tone Control,
Electro-Dynamic Speaker, PHILCO High
Efficiency Tubes, Beautiful cabinet of choice
Dec 1934
Philco 45L console radio ad
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August 19th 1934, Salt Lake City
Nov 30th, Pa
Nov 19th, Indiana
Nov 26th, Indiana
Dec 1934
Dec 13th 1934
from a 1934 Philco
advertising brochure
Clip to the left from
Brainerd Daily
, Brainerd,
Indiana, Dec 13th

Interesting typo on
the 9th line, namely

instead of
Philco 45L Lowboy Tube Radio (1934)