Philco Model 41-290X Console Radio (1941)
The Philco 41-290X oversized console radio was introduced in
the early summer of 1940 as part of the company's line-up for
the 1941 model season. It had an original list price of $89.95 in
Eastern and Central regions. I would not be the first to comment
that this radio evokes impressions of the Deco skyscraper build-
ings so much in vogue at the time!

The 290X is a 10-tube ac-powered three-band super-het with
push-button electric tuning. Band coverage is:- standard broad-
cast from 540-1720kcs, police/amateur from 2.3-7.0mcs, and
overseas short-wave from 9.0-12.0mcs. The tube complement
is:- XXL (1st detector - equivalent to 7A4), XXL (oscillator), 7B7
(1st IF), 7B7 (2nd IF), 7A6 (2nd detector/AVC), 7C6 (1st af), 37
(phase splitter), 41 * 2 (push-pull output) and 84 (rectifier). The
set uses 8 push-buttons, one of which serves as an on/off con-
trol and the remaining 7 as preset station selectors for auto-
matic tuning.

The chassis is very similar to that of the 9-tube
41-255T. How-
ever, this model uses a dedicated cathode-follower phase-split-
ting stage, using a type 37 triode, rather than the inferior and
unusual screen-grid follower circuit used in the model 41-255.
This results in improved, cleaner audio from this set - more be-
coming of a console radio. The schematic can be found on the
NostagiaAir website (see
here and here).
Exclusive Inventions Bring You Amazing OVERSEAS
 ...Beautifully-styled walnut cabinet
303/4" (W) * 15" (D) * 41" (H)  

"Philco's famous oversize model. Offers
extra power, tone and cabinet beauty
never before approached in a single model.
The two XXL noise-reducing tubes, the ten
powerful working tubes, the newly
developed American and overseas aerial
system and overseas band give you a
performance you couldn't buy formerly at
the highest price"
41-290X Console Tube Radio (1941)
Philco 41-290X Console Tube Radio side view
Philco 41-290X ad. Click to enlarge. Sept 19th 1940.