Philco Model 41-255T Table Radio (1941)
This is the 9-tube big brother of the 8-tube model 41-250T of the same season. It continues the theme of the
slant-front table radios offered during the years 1939 through 1942, until production was halted by the entry
of the United States into WWII. This super-heterodyne covers three bands: standard broadcast from
540-1720kcs, police band from 2.3-7.0mc and the overseas band (short-wave) from 9.0-12.0mc. The tubes
used are:- XXL (1st detector, or mixer in modern parlance. Equivalent to 7A4), XXL (oscillator), 7B7 (1st IF),
7B7 (2nd IF), 7A6 (2nd detector/AVC), 7C6 (1st af), 41 * 2 (push-pull output), 84 (rectifier). The set uses 8
push-buttons, one of which serves as an on/off control and the remaining 7 as preset station selectors
(automatic tuning).

Model 41-250T employs 8-tubes as compared to this model's 9. A check of the
schematics at NostalgiaAir
reveals that the 41-255 uses a 7A6 double-diode as the 2nd detector/AVC and the triode section of a 7C6
double-diode/triode as the 1st af amp. The double-diode section of the 7C6 has the diodes parallel connect-
ed and apparently used to develop a contact potential to improve the delayed-AVC action. Model 41-250 also
utilizes a 7C6 triode section as the 1st af amplifier but substitutes the 7C6 double-diode section for the 7A6,
which is eliminated. The minor benefit to AVC provided by the additional double-diode in the 41-255 is then
lost. This is my theory at least, offered as a rationalization of why Philco added the extra tube to the 41-255!
Evolution of the Philco "slant-front" Table Models
The styling of the slant-front table models was updated for each of the model years 1939 through 1942 in
which they appeared. Here we take a quick look at the progression of these models through this period.

The 1939 models featured light brown dial scales, gold colored metal escutcheons and simple straight trim
pieces at the lower front (
39-25 and 39-30).

1940 models switched to dark brown dial scales, though the metal escutcheon was retained. A more elaborate
curved lower-front, with fluted front-to-back runners, was introduced (

1941 would see a change over to the log-cabin style, as photographed above. The metal escutcheon was
discontinued and replaced with a plastic/tenite surround, used on this and several other models, including the
41-250T and 41-290 console. Over the years, these escutcheons have exhibited a tendency to shrink and
fracture, as is seen here.

For 1942, a more rounded styling was adopted (
42-355) and one more push-button was added to the
escutcheon (total of 9). The old FM band, which ran from 42-50mc (a band that is useless today), was also
added. It replaced the police band offered in the previous years.

The 1941 8 push-button and 1942 9 push-button plastic escutcheons, along with push-buttons (which also
deteriorated over the years), are today being reproduced by
Larry Bordonaro. Note that there is also a 10
push-button escutcheon from 1942 but this is NOT being reproduced as of 2005 (see
Philco 41-255T Slant-Front Table Radio (1941)