Philco Model 38-4XX Console Radio (1938)
The Philco model 38-4XX was introduced in the summer of 1937
as one of Philco's
"No Squat, No Stoop, No Squint" style radios
offered for the 1938 model year. The initial list price was $100 in
Eastern and Central regions.

The set's "
inclined control panel" and "cone-centric tuning dial"
were touted as offering the consumer new levels of comfort in
operating a radio. However only a handful of models ever used
this dial and by the following season, in spite of them having sold
quite well, the dial was discontinued. Philco's other
tuning dial was also discontinued after this season too.

Technical Details:
The 38-4 is an 8-tube superheterodyne with frequency coverage
540-1720kc (standard broadcast) and 5.7-18.2mc (shortwave).
The tube line-up is 6U7G (RF amp), 6A8G (mixer/LO), 6K7G (IF
amp), 6J5G (detector/AVC), 6K5G (1st AF), 6F6G * 2 (push-pull
audio output) and 5Y4G (rectifier). The schematic may be found
here, courtesy of NostalgiaAir.

Below are several extracts from original Philco advertising for the
model 4XX.
..with Inclined Control Panel.. No Squat, No Stoop, No Squint!
"Tune all your favorite stations instantly,
silently, automatically with the Philco 4XX"
"An inclined control panel model with Philco Cone-Centric
Automatic tuning, Push-Pull Inverted Phase audio circuit,
Inclined Sounding Board, Concert Grand Speaker, 4-point tone
control, Philco Foreign Tuning System, 8 Philco High-Efficiency
"Here's an entirely new kind of radio, built for your
convenience. The first thing you'll notice about the Philco 4XX
is the Inclined Control Panel... Inclined for tuning easily,
gracefully, speedily, accurately whether you're sitting or

Walk up to a Philco 4XX. See how the incline enables you to
locate instantly the call letters of
all your favorite stations...
how a flick of your finger brings them in... perfectly tuned for
finest reception.

No Squat...No Stoop...No Squint Tuning. High speed automatic
tuning of
all your favorite stations...up to 15 if you desire.
Thrilling reception from foreign short-wave stations! All
wrapped up in one package - the Automatic Tuning Philco 4XX
with the Inclined Control Panel!"
Tuning Effort Elimination Object of Philco Experts
Automatic Features Join Inclined Control Board as Convenience

Philco, having given radio reception in the home the inclined sounding
board which brought every note up to ear level, now brings the inclined
control panel to dialers with the introduction of its new series of
Double X models for 1938.

It is this new feature combined with redesigned and highly improved
dials and combined also with Philco's new automatic tuning, which
gives rise to the new Philco slogans "No Squat, No Stoop, No Squint".

The new series of radios have been designed with the comfort and
convenience of the listener given first consideration, Philco
announces. The result is that whether the listener be seated or
standing, or gliding by the radio in step with some dance number, a
new station may be instantaneously and accurately tuned in with no
more effort than it takes to reach one's hand toward the set.

Thus, says Philco, the inclined control panel does for the listener's
eyes and back what the inclined sounding board did for his ears.

Philco's new automatic tuning system for the Double X models
provides for dialing a station in a simplified telephone manner - just
once and click, there it is. Counterbalanced magnetic tuning assures
positive accuracy automatically and an accuracy that will keep the
program constantly and properly tuned.
Note: the ad clipping below makes reference to Philco's
Magnetic Tuning system, available on some of the season's
Double-X models, such as my
38-116XX. This is an electronic
technique which the 38-4XX, along with other sets using the
cone-centric tuning dial, did not utilize.
Philco 38-4XX Console Radio (1938)
Philco 38-4XX Console Radio rear View
Models from the Double X series are available in several different
reception range combinations for reception of  police, foreign, amateur,
and aviation short wave and both domestic and foreign long wave

With the introduction of its complete 1938 line, Philco again makes
available a radio model for every purse and for every purpose, including
battery models for the farm homes in unelectrified areas, automobile
radios and special service receivers providing coverage for US weather
stations, foreign long wave stations and ultra short-wave broadcasts.

A wide range of table models is included in the complete line with both
short-wave and regular broadcasts covered in them.

Philco also presents a delightful model which it calls a "sit downer". It
is a chairside model equipped with Philco Cone Centric automatic
tuning, which provides all the ease and convenience of being able to
tune favorite stations without getting up out the easy chair.

A table model endowed with Philco automatic tuning also is included
among models singled out for special attention. Both models are
equipped for short wave as well as broadcast reception.

The Philco Balanced Superheterodyne circuit, raised to new standards
of performance by the engineers this year, is utilized in all the new
Philco models. Some of the other features of all new models are metal
shielded circuits and tubes, patented rubber mounting for condensers
and built-in interference filters.

from a newspaper feature, dated Aug 1937
Philco 38-4XX Console Radio Conecentric Dial View