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Philco 38-12 Brown Bakelite (38-12CB) & Ivory Plaskon
             (12CBI) Compact Table Radios (1938)
The Philco models 38-12CB and 38-12CBI were intro-
duced half way through the 1938 model year, in Jan-
uary of 1938. These two sets supplemented the
and ivory-painted wooden sets that had first appeared
at the beginning of the season, in June of 1937. At its
time of introduction, the 12CB was advertised for sale
at $19.95 in Eastern regions of the USA.

The 38-12CBI (above right) is fabricated using ivory
plaskon. Most examples of this set that I have encoun-
tered have been ivory painted bakelite. Either way, I
believe that the cabinets used for the 38-12CB and
38-12CBI were the first that Philco constructed entirely
from plastic. The company had used plastic for knobs,
escutcheons and the like in the past but, to the best of
my knowledge never for a cabinet in its entirety.

The 38-12 has tube complement 6A7 (mixer), 78 (IF,
75 (det/AVC/1st af), 41 (power AF) and 84 (rectifier).
Frequency coverage is standard broadcast from 540 -
1720kc. The schematic is available
here, courtesy of
A new miniature Philco...
"A new excellent performer in an
attractive bakelite case. Splendid tone.
Genuine Philco quality. A fine extra set
for bedroom - den - or children's room"
Philco 38-12 Brown Bakelite