Philco Model 38-10T (38-10) "Bullet" Table Radio (1938)
Philco's model 38-10T table-top radio
was introduced in June of 1937, priced
at $39.95. This was their second style
of bullet radio, following on from the
37-610T series from the previous year
(ignoring the
upgrade made to those
sets in January of 1937). A yet third
version, the
41-231T, would follow in
early 1941 for the 1941 model year.
Note that there was a shrinking in size
as this series progressed.

Like a number of other Philco radios
from this era, the model 38-610T uses
faux finish on its instrument panel. This
was the only style of the Philco bullets
to do so. See also my

The 5-tube, two-band model 38-10T
super-heterodyne radio tunes standard
broadcast from 540 - 1720kc & short-
wave from 5.7 - 18mc.  Its five tubes
are:- 6A8G (1st det/oscillator), 6K7G
(IF), 6Q7G (2nd det/AVC/1st-AF), 6F6G
(AF power), 5Y4G (rectifier). The sche-
matic can be found at  
Philco model 38-10T bullet-style table radio (1937/1938)
Philco model 38-10T bullet-style table radio (1937/1938)
163/4" (W) * 9" (D) * 103/4" (H)
ad from Sept 1937.
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