Philco Model 37-604C (37-604) Compact Table Radio (1937)
Before I was fortunate enough to come by this
Philco model 37-604C radio, I had seen photos of it
and had been fascinated by its unusual styling. So
when the opportunity to acquire this almost pristine
example presented itself I did not hesitate.

The cabinet comprises a compact but surprisingly
sturdy wooden case, finished on all sides and
capped by a bakelite bezel. The chassis is loaded
from below. The bezel features a conical dial cover
with window plus three knobs:- wave change, tuning
and on/off/volume. The tuning control provides
concentric fine and coarse adjustment.

As best as I can tell, this was one of Philco's most
ambitious uses of bakelite to date. No Philco radio
made entirely of plastic would be offered until 1938
(model 38-12CB) and prior to the 604C the material
had been confined to the production of relatively
small escutcheons, such as those used on some of
their cathedral and tombstone models.

The 37-604C was introduced in June of 1936 with
an original sales price of $39.95.
American and Foreign Receiver
115-volt ... 25 or 60 Cycles
The 37-604C is a 5-tube superhet that covers two
bands:- 530 -1750kc standard broadcast and 6000
-18000kc shortwave. The octal tubes used are:-
6A8G (mixer/LO), 6K7G (IF amp), 6Q7G (2nd det/
AGC/1st AF), 25A6G (AF power), 25Z6G (rectifier).
A filament resistor drops the 117V line to the 68V
required by the series strung filaments.

The 37-604C was a follow-on to the identical-
looking 1936 model 604C, which used the pre-octal
6A7, 78, 75, 43 and 25Z5 tube types.

On a cautionary note, the bakelite bezel is held in
place by four screws. These are spring loaded, with
the spring captured between the bezel and wood.
When removing or replacing the bezel I believe it's
necessary to adjust the scews evenly so as not to
unduly stress the bakelite. I cannot help but wonder
how many bezels may have been cracked as a
result of this arrangement!
Unusual in Design and Unusual in Performance!    ...controls on top for easy tuning.
This latest 1937 American and Foreign Philco compact has everything...including the Philco Foreign Tuning
system and Philco color-dial. AC-DC operation....controls on top for easy tuning. Modern hand-rubbed cabinet.
Speaker grille front and rear.
Philco Foreign Tuning System
45 degree Full Vision Tuning
with dial and all controls
mounted on top of set.
Color Station Indicator names and locates foreign
stations for convenient, accurate, rapid tuning.
Two Tuning Ranges cover standard American Broadcasts ...
State Police... Daytime and Night-time Foreign and
American Short-Wave Broadcasts... Daytime Aviation and
First-Class Amateur Bands.
Fixed Bass Compensation brings up low notes (bass) as the
volume is turned down... compensating for the lessened
ability of the average ear to hear low notes at their true
value when the radio is turned down to normal room volume.
Compact Philco Electro-Dynamic Speaker
Glowing Beam Station Finder
Pentode Audio System
Philco Balanced Superheterodyne Circuit
with 5 Philco
Self-Centering Octal Base High-Efficiency Tubes.
12 Tuned Circuits... with Philco High-Efficiency Aerial.
Two Speed Vernier Tuning... Double Overall Selectivity
... Philco Unit Construction... Automatic Volume Control
Philco 37-604C Compact Table Radio Front View (1937)
Philco 37-604C Compact Table Radio (1937)
Philco 37-604C Compact Table Radio Rear View (1937)
Philco 37-604C Compact Table Radio Chassis View
Philco 37-604C Compact Table Radio (1937)