Philco 200X (June 1934)
Philco 201X (fall 1934)
Models 200X and 201X - a pair of very elusive Philcos
Aren't these two Philcos just about the most gorgeous radios you've ever seen? I certainly think so!
Philco 200X
Philco 201X
Location of the 200X and 201X Decals
All the advertising that I've come across for the models 200X and 201X shows the Philco High-Fidelity Decal situated be-
tween the tuning knob and bass/bandswitch (200X/201X), such as seen in this advertisement
here. Curiously, the actual
models I've seen that retain their original finish have the
decal located between the tuning knob and escutcheon (mine
included, as seen above). I have simply not seen enough of these models in the light of day however to claim that
one came this way.