Philco Model 118 Baby Grand (118B) Cathedral Radio (1934)
The Philco 118 Baby Grand (118B) was one of 49
new models for 1935 that Philco introduced in the
the summer of 1934. It had an initial sales price of
$65 ($69.50 out West). This sensational radio has
one of the most distinctive of the Philco middle-era
cathedral-style cabinets, featuring a beautiful two-
toned front-piece accentuated by a scalloped upper
edge, sweeping lines and graceful grille openings

This 8-tube ac-powered superheterodyne tunes two
bands - standard broadcast from 540 to 1720 kcs
and shortwave from 4.2 to 12.0 mcs. The chassis is
similar to that of the model
18B from the previous
model year, but with extended shortwave coverage.
Tube line-up is 78 (rf amp), 6A7 (mixer/LO), 78 (IF),
75 (2nd det/AVC/1st AF), 42 (audio driver), 2 * 42
(push-pull AF output) and 80 (rectifier). The triode-
connected output stage operates in "super class A"
and delivers a power output of 10 Watts. The radio
features 4-point tone control, shadow-graph tuning
and automatic-volume-control (AVC). The schem-
atic is available
here, courtesy of NostalgiaAir.

I bought this fully restored at the NEARC show in NH
during the summer of 2003.
London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Madrid, Buenos Aires - yours at the turn of the
"Already far in the lead, PHILCO offers sensational new
values combining glorious tone, unexcelled performance
and smart appearance!"
Philco Model 118B Baby Grand Cathedral-Style Tube Radio (1934)
Philco 118B Cathedral-Style Tube Radio Rear View (1934)
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Dec 16th 1934,
June 22nd 1934, Ohio
Nov 14th 1934, Indiana
May 3rd 1935.
Clearance of 1935
models to make way
for new 1936 line.