Philco Model 118B Tombstone Radio (1935)
Introduced in early 1935, this Philco 118B is the
tombstone version of the
cathedral set introduced
earlier in the model year. It listed at $69.50 in the
East and at $72.50 out West.

The 118B is an 8-tube ac-powered super-het, cover-
ing standard broadcast (540  to 1720kc) and short-
wave (4.2 to 12.0mc). Tube line-up is 78 (rf amp),
6A7 (mixer/LO), 78 (IF), 75 (2nd det/AVC/1st AF),
42 (audio driver), 2 * 42 (push-pull AF output) and
80 (rectifier). The triode-connected output stage op-
erates in "super class A" and delivers a room-filling
10 Watts. The radio features 4-point tone control,
shadow-graph tuning and automatic-volume-control
(AVC). The schematic may be obtained
here, court-
esy of  

I bought this radio at the New
England Antique Radio (NEARC)show in 2005. The
top had been
stripped plus there was some very
noticeable finish loss on the the left front fluting. I
therefore refinished the top and both front fluted
side pieces. The front panel and sides remain
original, as does the grille cloth.

It was in working order when I bought it though a
chassis inspection has since revealed that only the
filter capacitors were replaced. From the sound of
it, it needs a complete re-cap.
Tone, performance and beauty that make Philco the last word in radio.
A powerful Baby
Grand that gives you
thrilling reception of
both foreign and
American programs.
hand-rubbed cabinet
of distinctively new
design. Tone,
performance and
beauty that make
Philco the last word
in radio!
Philco Model 118B Tombstone Radio (1935)
Jan 11th 1935,
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