The Majestic Riviera (model 996) was the top-dog in the line-up
of four modernistic console radios introduced by Grigsby-Grunow
in September of 1933 as part of their ongoing "smart set" series.
It listed at around $99.50. The other members of this quartet were
Ritz, Park Avenue and Lido. All can be seen in my Majestic
Gallery. Each of these sets is diminutive in size and dist-
inctive in style. Considered to be Art Deco masterpieces of their
genre, all are today highly collectible.

The Riviera portrays asymmetrical form, a characteristic
beholden to its contoured right side, resplendent with useful
knick-knack portals artfully framed with richly-grained cross-
wise veneers. By way of contrast, its leftmost planar features,
comprising minimalist instrument panel and loudspeaker grille,
exquisitely unified by six superposed vertical stripes in ebony,
reveal almost perfect bi-lateral symmetry. The ensemble
creates an elegant, masterful impression that is pure and
simple eye candy. Oh, and did I forget to mention that this
is a radio that's meant to be listened to and not just admired?

The Riviera is 38" (H) * 20" (W) * 10
1/2" (D).
Majestic (Grigsby-Grunow) 996 'Riviera' Console Radio (1933)
Majestic Riviera Model 996 Smart-Set Radio
Authentic Modernism in a stunning console...
Four tones of wood - rosewood, walnut, natural and ebony.
The Riviera model 996 is a 6-tube superheterodyne covering
the standard broadcast band. Tube line up is G58-S (RF amp),
G2A7-S (mixer/ LO), G58-S (IF amp), G55-S (2nd-det/AVC/1st
AF), G-2A5 (AF power amp) and G-80 (rectifier). The "G" deno-
tes a Grigsby-Grunow tube and the "S" the company's propriet-
ary spray shielding. Grigsby-Grunow claimed the equivalent of
8-tube performance for this set by virtue of its use of two multi-
functional (Duo-Valve) types (the 55 & 2A7).

There is no schematic explicitly identifying the 996 in Riders.
However, that of
chassis type 460 can be used.

I purchased this fabulous radio cosmetically and electrically
restored as shown. The grille-cloth is an era-representative
repro that nicely complements the set. The cabinet has been
refinished. For other "smart sets" see my
Majestic gallery.
"What a pace these 1934 Majestics are setting - in appearance
as well as performance! Imagine - they LOOK like new
radios...They have flatly disobeyed the Mid-Victorian rule of radio
- that all sets should dress alike, in old fashioned sombreness.
These Majestics are alive.. with new lines, new individuality, new
distinction; and their crisply contrasting new woods, hand rubbed
to a super piano finish"
"a perfectly stunning radio"
20" (W) * 101/2" (D) *38" (H)
Nov 1933, Orlean NY
Dec 1933
Dec 21st, '33,
Oct 1933, Radio Retailing