Majestic (Grigsby-Grunow) 666 'Ritz' Console Radio (1933)
Majestic Ritz Model 666 Smart-Set Radio
The Majestic model 666 Ritz console radio was the price-
leader in a quartet of "new for 1934" modernistic smart-set
consoles introduced by Grigsby-Grunow in late September
of 1933. The stature of this diminutive radio, measuring just
38"(H) * 19.5"(W) * 10.25"(D), is such that it at once appears
to transcend its mere physical dimensions. It features rich,
mature coloring of what is fundamentally a geometric theme,
tastefully tailored with curved lineages, winged pilasters and
over-sized knobs. It fills a worthy spot in the line-up of
Majestic smart sets introduced in 1933 in commemoration of
the Chicago World's Fair. The others in the company's mod-
ernistic quartet introduced that September are the
Riviera and Park Avenue. The Ritz listed at $79.50.
A radio so beautiful that it will almost take your breath away...
ad from Dec 1933
I had the original finish on this radio restored in 2010. In
accordance with the original specs, the base and top are
finished in black lacquer, the pilasters in dark walnut and the
front and sides in true brown. A veritable "symphony" of

The Ritz model 666 is a 6-tube superheterodyne covering the
standard broadcast band. Tube line up is G58-S (RF amp),
G2A7-S (mixer/LO), G58-S (IF amp), G55-S (2nd-det/AVC/1st
AF), G-2A5 (AF power amp) and G-80 (rectifier). The "G"
denotes a Grigsby-Grunow tube and the "S" the company's
proprietary spray shielding. Grigsby-Grunow claimed the
equivalent of 8-tube performance for this set by virtue of its
use of two multi-functional (Duo-Valve) types (the 55 & 2A7).

There appears to be no schematic for the 666 in Riders.
However, that of
chassis type 460 can be used.
Striped walnut contrasts with pilasters of dark walnut....
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The Ritz... an inspiration in modern design.