Majestic (Grigsby-Grunow) 49B 'Duo Modern' Table Radio (1933)
The Majestic 49B is one of the very collectible Art-Deco/
Machine-Age Smart-Set radios from Grigsby-Grunow. I
just love its asymmetric styling, one which prompted at
least one un-informed observer in the past to question
whether someone had actually cut the original cabinet
down from top-to-bottom on its right side with a saw! Like
its kindred models
44B and 59, it features a brushed al-
uminum grille and escutcheon, along with machine-style
knobs. The model 49B was introduced in the summer of
1933 with a purchase price of $21.50 (see ads below).

The cabinet houses chassis #440, the same chassis as
used for the model
44B. It's a 4-tube dual-band super-
heterodyne with coverage from 535 to1530kc and 1470
to 3500kc. Tube line-up is 6A7-S (mixer/LO), 6F7-S tri-
ode/pentode  (IF amp/2nd detector), 41 (AF power amp),
6Z5 (rectifier). It is ac powered with the power transform-
er mounted below the chassis. Band selection is accom-
plished using the small rotary knob at the rear of the
Schematic, courtesy of NostalgiaAir.

Below are some ads featuring the Majestic model 49.
Notice the difference between this model's cabinet as
shown in the August and September ads, which truly
does look like it was sliced down, versus that in the later
Dec ad and the radio as finally produced! The cabinet
dimensions shown in the August ad are even consistent
with the cabinet as illustrated, suggesting that the early
ads were based on a preliminary mock-up of the radio.
Majestic. The smart set of radio's clever in style and operation.
Majestic 49B 'Duo Modern' Table Radio (1933)
Majestic 49B 'Duo Modern' Table Radio Rear View (1933)
Aug 1933, Radio Retailing pg 5
81/4" (W) * 113/8" (H) * 55/8" (D)
Sep 11th 1933,
Sep 1933, Radio Retailing pg 9
Dec 15th 1933, Tx