Majestic (Grigsby-Grunow) 461 Tombstone Radio (1933)
Majestic Model 461 'smart set' (1933)
As SMART as "smart" can be!  Majestic Master 6
The Majestic Model 461 was introduced in the
early summer of 1933 as one of Grigsby-
Grunow's new line of "smart-sets". Conceived   
as part of a bid to revive their flagging fortunes,
the new line contained sets that were radically
different to those that had gone before. Out  
were the large, traditional console and table
models that had been the company's mainstay,
replaced instead with smaller, lighter sets ins-
pired by the modernism of the Chicago 1933
Century of Progress Exposition.

The model 461, officially called the "Master Six"
because of its 6 tube chassis, initially listed at
$42.50. Being one of the first "smart sets"
introduced, it's one of the most easily found
Majestic (Grigsby-Grunow) model 461 Tube Radio rear view
The ads for this set describe it as having
book-matched veneer on the front, and
certainly all of them that I've seen do indeed  
exhibit this characteristic. That is all except for
this one. A close look at its front panel reveals
that either the left half or right half has the
veneer attached
flipped back to front. I've
looked closely to see if the set was re-veneer-
ed at some point but see no signs of that ever
having been done. This leaves open the
possibility that the reversal was the result of a
small manufacturing error!

The 461 uses the 6-tube type 460 chassis,
also used for the
model 463. The "460"
marking often seen on the chassis tag of
these sets can lead to confusion of model
numbering; however there is no model 460 as
such, the 460 referencing only the chassis
type. Tube line-up is G58S (RF amp), G2A7S
(mixer/LO), G58S (IF amp), G55S (2nd det/
AVC/1st AF), G2A5 (AF power) & G80
(rectifier). The circuit is largely conventional
with two "duo" type dual-function tubes (2A7 &
55), used in the same manner as by most
other manufacturers of the day. The
schematic may be found
here, courtesy of
"A Beauty..with its matched butt walnut panel and chromium
bordered grille!"
MASTER Six - Model 461
6-tube receiver giving 8-tube
performance with tone control,
automatic volume control, illuminated
dial. Receives police calls. Front panel
of cabinet is of matched butt walnut
with highly polished chromium grille.
17" high 13
1/4" wide 81/8" deep