Grigsby-Grunow's diminutive Majestic model 149
table set was introduced in late 1933 or early 1934,
listed at $26.50. It was one of the last of the fabulous
smart-set series, introduced just prior to Grigsby
Grunow ceding to bankruptcy and corporate oblivion.
As a result it seldom shows up in collector circles.

Ostensibly, the 149 was a comsetic upgrade of the
earlier model
49B, which had been introduced in the
summer of 1933 (see them side-by-side below). View-
ed from the front, the cabinet's silhouette is essent-
ially a reflection of the 49's and its grille area extends
farther down, with the restyled brushed aluminum
insert now encompassing the knobs and dials. As a
counter to the 49's aura of crisp geometric precision,
the 149 has been artfully softened. It exhibits swept
lines and diminished contrast between its toned
wooden elements as well as a presumed floral theme
for its chrome*, grille cloth and knobs. Overall, the
designers must have felt that these changes would
increase sales by offering a set that was more harm-
onious to the decor in the typical home.

The 149's chassis appears to be the same as used
for the earlier 44 & 49 (
chassis #440), though to be
honest, I have not looked at it real close to be sure
that minor changes were not made. However, some-
one in the past shared my opinion, as #440 is pen-
cilled on the rear of my chassis (click mid thumbnail

*some original advertising, such as that below left, refers to the grille
insert as "chromium" whereas in fact it's brushed aluminum.
Majestic (Grigsby-Grunow) Model 149 Table Radio (1933)
Ad from April 26th 1934 - click to enlarge
..the lustrous piano finish, the polished chromium grille.. are the outstanding
cabinet design improvements..
"Exceedingly powerful, sensitive and
selective superheterdyne circuit"