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Halson (Jefferson)
Halson NS-50 "Moderne" Mini Tombstone Radio (1933/1934)
This NS-50 from the Halson Radio and Television Co.
is one little gem of a radio. It was introduced in the
summer of 1933 with a list price of $29.50. To me, it's
a simply spectacular example of 1930's machine age
design. I especially like the way that the expression
of symmetry in its lower reaches, accentuated through
the use of brushed and etched aluminum trim, is bold-
ly contrasted against the stark asymmetry of the grille
area above.

With its contrasting veneers in tones of ebony and
gold, this set nicely complements my Majestic models
49 and 59 and my Halson model NS-40 from the same
era. The cabinet measures just 10
1/2" high by 8" wide
by 6
1/2" deep.

I located a photograph of this rare set in Mark Stein's
"The Complete Price Guide To Antique Radios:
Tabletop Radios Vol. 1", where it's listed as a Halson
model 610 "Moderne". However, a
610 it is not, as that
model's chassis is too big for this little cabinet. Rather
this set's chassis matches the schematic for a Halson

The fact that my set is marked with the name Jeffer-
son in the spot where Halson would otherwise reside
must surely indicate that my set was manufactured by
Halson for Jefferson and resold under that name.
Perhaps Jefferson was a retail chain of some kind,
though exactly what I've been unable to yet ascertain.
Halson did advertise themselves as being "
in private brand merchandise
", so this explanation
appears highly plausible.

The set is a two-band super-heterodyne with tube
line-up:- 6A7 (mixer/LO), 78 (IF), 75 (2nd-det/1st AF),
43 (AF output) and 25Z5 (rectifier). It uses a resistive
line cord.
  • Modern cabinet with two tone metal
  • Real Shortwave with instantaneous
    Shortwave switch
  • 5-tube super uses newest tubes.
    New circuit gives big set
  • Sufficient output, etc.
  • Rich tone.
The second ace in a NEW DEAL Halson
"This receiver is the NUMBER 2
pioneer sales value of the NEW
DEAL Halson line"
8" (W) * 61/2" (D) * 101/2" (H)
Radio Retailing Sept 1933
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