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Halson NS-40 Mini-Tombstone Radio (1934)
Halson Model 40 (1934)
The Halson model NS-40 (NS40) was introduced in the
summer of 1933 as the "first Ace" in Halson's "
New Deal"
line for the 1934 model year. It was their entry level set in
this line with an introductory list price of $22.50. Next in
this line, the "second Ace", was the 5-tube

The NS-40 uses a 4-tube TRF chassis that covers the
standard broadcast band from 545 - 1500kc. The tube
line up is 78 (RF amp), 77 (2nd detector), 43 (AF output)
and 25Z5 (rectifier).

This small, highly collectible set measures just 9
3/4" H x 7"
W x 5
1/2" D.
  • New Cabinet Design by a Leading Stylist
  • Big Set Performance due to New Circuit
  • Sufficient Output & Jack Provided for
    Remote Speaker Operation
  • Rich Tone due to Full Dynamic Speaker
    with Full Field Excitation
The first ace in a NEW DEAL Halson
Radio Retailing, Aug 1933
7" (W) * 51/2" (D) * 93/4" (H)