General Electric (GE) Model FE-112 Table Radio (1940)
This is a large 11-tube AC-powered table model
covering four bands:- 140 - 380kc (long wave),
540 - 1,600kc (standard broadcast), 5,500 -
14,000kc (short-wave "band D-1") and 13,000 -
23,000kc (shortwave "band D-2"). The tube
line-up is 6K7 (RF amp), 6L7 (converter), 6J5G
(LO),  6K7 (1st IF), 6K7 (2nd IF), 6H6
(detector/AVC), 6H6 (delayed AVC bias), 6F5
(audio driver), 6L6G (af output), 5Z3 (rectifier),
6U5 (tuning eye). Undistorted output power is a
big 6 Watts, with a maximum output of 10 Watts.

The dial features separate (ganged) pointers for
each of the four bands plus individual pointers for
tone  and volume control. This was one of GE's
high-end table models for 1940.

This radio came from a damp loft, along with over
a hundred other radios. It shows some veneer
de-lamination on top, likely the result of its many
years of less-than-perfect storage. However, with
a little tender-loving-care it will restore very nicely.
GE FE-112 Table Radio Rear View (1940)
GE FE-112 Table Radio (1940)