General Electric (GE) L-650 Bakelite Table Radio (1942)
GE's L-650 (L650) is a 6-tube ac/
dc powered standard-broadcast re-
ceiver. Tubes used are:- 12SK7 (RF
amp), 12SA7 (mixer/LO), 12SK7
(IF), 12SQ7 (2nd detector/AVC/1st
AF), 35L6GT (AF power), 35Z5GT
(rectifier). The radio features 4
push-buttons for preset stations
(the fifth push-button selects bet-
ween manual and automatic tuning)
plus a simple two-point tone cont-
rol, using the lever mounted conc-
entric with the left knob (volume/on/
off). The right knob is for manual

I believe GE had truly mastered the
art of making radio cabinets out of
bakelite by the late 1930s & early
forties. Their plastic cabinets of this
period are amongst the most robust
and exhibit beautiful marbling. This
can also be seen on my model

This radio has an upwards facing
speaker. Such designs appear to
be a good idea until one realizes
that the top-mounted grille presents
even more of a dust trap than the
forward facing ones!
GE Model L-650 Bakelite Table Radio (1942)
GE Model L-650 Bakelite Table Radio Rear View (1942)
"This Mahogany Plastic
Cabinet Model L-650, has
Feather-Touch Electric
Dec 15th 1941,
Salt Lake City
Dec 5th 1941,
Salt Lake City
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