General Electric (GE) 114W Plastic Table Radio (1946)
The GE model 114 is a fairly common
white urea plastic table radio from 1946.  It
can also be found in a brown bakelite style

It is an all-American-Five (AA5) AC/DC
model which covers the standard
broadcast band from 540 - 1720kc. The
tube-line up is:- 12SA7 (mixer/LO), 12SK7
(IF), 12SQ7 (2nd detector/AVC/1st AF),
50L6GT (audio output), 35Z5GT (rectifier).
I hardly need have stated the tube types
(they are typical of the AA5 radios of this
era), other than to point out that, being a
GE, the 12SA7/12SK7/12SQ7 trio were
originally metal types and the other two
glass GT types. Surprisingly, this model
does not use an indicator lamp and that
nice dial remains dark when in use!

The radio incorporates a built-in antenna
loop, attached to the radio's fiber-board
GE Model 114W Table Radio (1946)