Emerson AX-211 "Little Miracle" Bakelite Table Radio (1938)
The Emerson AX-211 is a compact table radio that covers the standard broadcast
band from 540-1730kc and, in the words of its manufacturer, uses a "
superheterodyne chassis having 7 tube performance
". The model photographed
features a cabinet of brown bakelite, with black bullet-style knobs, sitting atop two
black bakelite runners. It had an original purchase price of $9.95. A second
version has an ivory plastic case with black runners and knobs and an original
purchase price of $12.95. According to 1938 newspaper advertising these radios
were styled by Count
Alexis De Sakhnoffsky. Like many of the 1938 and 1939
Emersons, the AX-211 was claimed to incorporate "the
miracle tone chamber".
Was this just advertising hyperbole, or was there truly some magical principle
embodied within these tiny cabinets? I'll leave you to form your own opinion!

The tube line up is 6A8 (mixer/LO), 6K7 (IF amp), 6Q7 (2nd detector/agc/1st af),
25L6 (AF power) and 25Z6 (rectifier). The AX-211 uses the same chassis as the
AX-212 Bullseye set and the schematic can be found here, courtesy of
NostalgiaAir.  A resistive (curtain-burner) line cord is employed to set the correct
filament voltages.
A Handful of Joy...5-tube ac/dc superheterodyne with "miracle tone" chamber...
...a whole philharmonic performance in a radio the size of your hat.
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Emerson AX-211 Bakelite Table Radio (1938)
Emerson AX-211 Bakelite Table Radio Rear View (1938)