The Emerson model 400 Patriot was intro-
duced in the fall of 1940 and according to
the Emerson book "Small Radio", this nov-
elty set was styled by the well-known ind-
ustrial designer Norman Bel Geddes. With
war clouds thick over Europe and appear-
ing increasingly threatening to the home-
lands, this radio's theme struck a chord
with American radio buyers, who turned it
into a best seller. Commenting on this un-
expected success, Emerson stated "
timing and current affairs of people should
always be considered by radio engineers

The Patriot, one of which was billed as
Emerson's four millionth set, was introduc-
ed during the company's 25th anniversary
celebrations*, amidst a heavy advertising
campaign promoting the occasion.

The Patriot came in three combinations of
red, white and blue, each initially priced at
$15. Model 400-1 used blue as the base
color, the 400-2 white and the 400-3, as
shown, red.
Emerson Model 400 (FC-400) Patriot Catalin Radio (1940)
Emerson FC-400 Patriot (1940)
..a fine radio that expresses in a dignified way the patriotic sentiments of the American home.
The Patriot is distinguished from the very
similar Emerson
Aristocrat by its coloring
and by its use of patriotic "starred" knobs;
the Aristocrat uses bullet style knobs.

The set uses Emerson's type FC AC/DC
All-American-Five chassis, having tube
line-up 12SA7GT, 12SK7GT, 12SQ7GT,
50L6GT & 35Z5GT. The tuning range is
540 - 1600kc.  
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"The PATRIOT - built by
home. What greater gift of joy
could you give your family, with
its fine tone and TRUE
WHITE and BLUE - its all
Striking Monsanto cabinet
Telescope carrying handle
Super Loop" built-in antenna
Two Watts
Beam Power output
AC - DC Superheterodyne
All American Broadcasts
Big Electro Dynamic Speaker
Automatic Volume Control
"Eye Ease" Illuminated Dial
A magnificent expression of the American Spirit. By Emerson.
"Here is a dignified and
truly noble American
design... exquisitely moulded
in Monsanto plastics. A
great artist has given
eloquent expression to the
patriotic sentiments which
forever stir the hearts of
all Americans"
extracts from Dec 1940 newspaper ads for the Patriot
*The Emerson Radio & Phonograph Corporation officially came into being in 1924 through
the combination of the
Emerson Radio Corporation and the Emerson Phonograph Corporation.
Emerson Phonograph Corporation however had been formed in May of 1915, and it is with
respect to this date that the
Emerson Radio & Phonograph Corporation's 25th Anniversary was
celebrated in 1940.

"Small Radio", Emerson Radio & Phonograph Corporation, Dec 1943
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Emerson Radio & Phonograph Corporation, 111 Eighth Ave., New York City
new "Patriot" radio created by Normal Bel Geddes for the Ermerson
Radio Co., of New York City. The radio, a table model, employs plastic
cabinetry and special chassis construction. In various combinations of
red, white and blue it is in keeping with the trend in many industries
The Emerson Patriot has been termed the radio industry's tribute to the
American way and is being presented to the public in that spirit"
Newspaper report - see Sources to the left