Emerson 250-AW (1933)
Emerson Model 250-AW All-Wave Midget Tube Radio (1933)
Emerson 25a-AW rear view (as found)
The model 250-AW (All Wave) is
another of the very collectible early
Emerson midget sets that, taken as a
group, were very successful for the
company, firmly establishing them in
the business of manufacturing small
midget-sized radios. This model was
introduced a few months after the
25A, in February or March of 1933,
with an introductory price of $25.

The model 250 has a beautiful gothic
styling that is a definite upgrade from
model 25A, both aesthetically and
electrically. The magnificent cabinet
was manufactured for Emerson by the
Ingraham Company of Connecticut.
The 250-AW is an ac/dc powered
super-heterodyne that covers the
standard broadcast band from 540-
1500kc (550-200 meters) and short-
wave from 1500-3000kc (100-200
meters). The bandswitch is located
at the rear of the chassis (lower left
in the photo to the right). The tube
line-up is 78 (mixer/LO), 78 (IF amp),
77 (2nd detector), 43 (AF power
amp) and 25Z5 (rectifier). The circuit
is very simple, based around an
autodyne cicrcuit for mixer and LO
and using a minimum of components.
The schematic may be found
courtesy of
Handsome design in modified Gothic. Burl walnut.
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