Emerson Model 104 Tombstone Radio (1935)
Emerson Radio & Phonograph Corporation, 111 Eighth Ave., New York City
This large, ornate model 104 tombstone radio from
Emerson goes to show that the company, famous
for their small radios, also made quality larger sets.
In fact they offered both a variety of table and floor
models. This set was introduced in the summer of
1935 as part of their 1936 line, at a list price of

For its 1936 line, Emerson embraced the new
metal tubes, their engineers claiming the benefits
to be "
elimination of the usual metal shield, a closer
hook-up between essential parts, better reception,
and more dependable performance
". The 8-tube
104 used 6 of the new metal types.

I'm not sure if the grille-cloth is original, but it for
sure looks at home on the set!

The 104 uses Emerson's 8-tube 3-band A8
chassis. Freq- uency coverage is:- standard
broadast from 540 -1800 kcs, police from 1710 -
5950 kcs and short wave from 5.5 - 19 mcs. Tube
line-up is 6K7 (RF amp), 6A8 (mixer/ LO), 6K7 (IF),
75 (2nd det/AVC/1st AF), 6C5 (phase inverter),
6F6 *2 (push-pull o/p) & 80 (rectifier). The
schematic is available
here, courtesy of
Emerson Model 104 Tombstone Radio (1935)
Note: 3 G & GT types subbed at some time for the original metal tubes!
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