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Detrola Model 4A "Eagle" Mini Tombstone Radio (circa 1934)
This rarely seen little radio has a label on the bottom (see
photo below) that very clearly states it to be a model 4A by
Detrola of Detroit, Michigan. However, I have been unable
to find out very much more about it, other than to locate a
listing for it under "Deluxe" in Vol I of Mark Stein's Table
Top Radios series, where it is referred to simply as the

The highly geometric though aesthetically pleasing cabinet
is finished in exotic veneer with contrasting vertical trim.
Don't you just love those knobs?

The 4A is a TRF set tuning the standard broadcast band
and using the tubes 78 (RF amp), 77 (2nd detector), 38
(AF amp) and 37 (rectifier).
Label On Bottom
Rear view
Detrola Model 4A