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Delco (United Motors) R-1134 Brown Bakelite Table Radio (1938)
Delco R-1134 Bakelite Table Radio (1938)
This cool machine-age styled bakelite radio covers the standard broadcast band and uses 5 tubes
plus a ballast. The tubes used are:- 6A8G (LO/mixer), 6K7G (IF amp), 6Q7G (2nd detector/AGC/1st
AF), 25L6G (power amp), 25Z6G (rectifier), L49B (ballast). Being a pre-1940 model, it uses the early
Octal tubes (with grid-caps) and does not have a built-in antenna. The
schematic can be found under
United Motors Services on the nostalgiaAir website.

This radio, manufactured for Delco by Belmont, is one of the very collectible series of machine-age
radios manufactured in the late 1930s and early to mid 1940s by Belmont (see also Belmont models
6-D-111 and 62-350).