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Pacific Radio Corp Model 6322 "Bandmaster" Radio (1936/37)
This gorgeous cube-style radio was
manufactured by
Pacific Radio Corp and
marketed under the
Bandmaster name
in the circa 1936/37 time frame. Pacific
was known for producing sets for sale
under their own name as well as for mar-
keting by third parties. I have seen this
set with
American, General and Pacific
stickers on front as well as

It is a three-band AC/DC model having
8-tubes:- 6A7 (mixer/LO), 6D6 (IF amp),
76 (2nd-det/AVC), 6F5G (1st AF), 43
(AF power output), 25Z5 (rectifier), 6G5
(eye) and L40C (ballast tube). Band
coverage is 540-1750kcs (standard
broadcast), 1750-5800kcs (amateur)
and 5800-18000kcs (shortwave). The
schematic may be found under
model 6322 in Riders at NostalgiaAir.

The chassis has serial # 25-83089, the
25- confirming that Pacific Radio Corp.
of Chicago was the manufacturer.
Bandmaster Cube Radio (Pacific Radio Corp 6322 - 1936/7)
14" (W) * 8" (D) * 11" (H)
Bandmaster Cube Radio (Pacific Radio Corp 6322 - 1936/7)
"all cardinal features desired by the most exacting have
been incorporated into this receiver"