Atwater Kent Model 627 Cathedral Radio (1932/1933)
The Atwater Kent model 627 was one of several models to share
the same Gothic-style cabinet for the 1932/33 model year. And
what a beautiful cabinet it is too! It is indubitably a worthy succ-
essor to the earlier models in the iconic series of Gothic Atwater
Kent cathedral radios began the previous year (see models
82 & 84)!

Introduced in the summer of 1932, the model 627 was a 7-tube
AC-powered set priced at $53.90. Sharing the same style of cab
were the 8-tube AC model 558, priced at $63.90, along with the
battery and DC models 558-Q and 558-D, each priced at $68.90.

The 7-tube line-up of the model 627 is:- 58 (RF amp), 58 (1st
detector), 56 (oscillator), 58 (IF amp), 55 (2nd detector/AVC/1st
AF), 47 (AF power amp), 80 rectifier. The radio tunes only the
standard-broadcast band. The schematic may be found
courtesy of
Own a real radio - not a toy... It's no more like a toy than a grand piano is like a
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"A 7-tube superheterodyne compact radio that is unsurpassed for
performance, tonal quality and value. The high Atwater Kent
standard is maintained throughout. It has many big set features,
such as 4-gang condenser... range switch... full-toned
electrodynamic speaker... and three-point tone control.. complete
Atwater Kent Model 627 Cathedral Radio (1932/1933)
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newspaper ad from Dec 1932