Atwater Kent Model 447 Tombstone Radio (1934)
Atwater Kent 447
Atwater Kent Model 447 Tombstone Radio
The impressive Atwater Kent model 447 upright "midget" radio was in-
troduced at a June 1934 Convention held for Atwater Kent dealers in
Atlantic City. It was the company's top-of-the-line table model for 1934,
with a list price of $72.50, complete with tubes.

The model 447 and its Atwater Kent contemporaries, the
206 included,
represented a new direction in styling for the company. Mostly gone
were the outdated, staid cathedral styles that had comprised the bulk
of their midget lines through the preceding few years, replaced now
with a line of modernistic sets more befitting of the early 1930s mach-
ine age. Stylistically at least, the company's 1934 models were class
acts in the genre.

The 447 is an all-wave ac super-heterodyne tuning from 540 -  22,500
kcs in four bands. The dial uses an ingenious mechanism that rotates
into view only the markings for the band currently selected, in what
might be considered a forerunner of the shutter dial made famous by
Zenith a few years later. Another aspect of the tuning mechanism is its
dual speed capability, the selection being effected by sliding the tuning
knob either up or down in a manner not unlike that of an automobile's
stick shifter.

The 447 uses 7 tubes with line-up 58 (RF amp), 2A7 (mixer/LO), 58
(1st IF), 58 (2nd IF), 2A6 (2nd det/control/1st AF), 2A5 (AF output)
and 80 (rectifier). Surprisingly, the set does not feature push-pull out-
puts though it does have dual IFs. The schematic can be found
courtesy of

The radio's five controls are, clockwise from upper left, vol/on/off, tun-
ing, wave-band selector, sensitivity switch, four-point tone control.
All means ALL in Atwater Kent ALL-wave Radio!
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ALL Wave - Model 447 - 7-tube superheterodyne. 9 tuned
circuits. 4 tuning bands include complete world-wide
reception from 540 kilocycles to 22.5 megacycles. 4-point
tone control. 8" electrodynamic speaker. Illuminated shadow
tuning. Top quality at lowest price. $74.50 f.o.b.
If it's not all-wave it's obsolete.

447 - 7-tube A.C. Compact -
marvelous sensitive [sic] and
very selective - superb tone -
six-section gang condensor -
all wave tuning - two-speed
vernier tuning - new type
full-vision illuminated dial -
four-point tone control -
automatic-volume-control -
eight-inch improved dynamic
speaker - shadow tuning -
finely finished handsome
cabinet. Complete with tubes.
Atwater Kent Radio
With Outstanding Features of Cabinet Design and Latest
Technical Development