The Atwater Kent model 206 tombstone radio is today
an icon of a design style that typified the early thirties.
Its harmonious features, taken as a whole, are a time-
less reminder of an era when radios were more than
mere program-receiving articles but rather were inten-
ded to be beautiful and treasured centerpieces of the
home. The 206 is yet another example of the masterful
Atwater Kent models that are today considered the
design classics of their time. It must have made its ori-
ginal owners as proud to own it then as I am of owning
it today.

In words borrowed from 1934 Atwater Kent advertising,
the 206 is a
"six tube compact model with three tuning
ranges - all American broadcasting - foreign shortwave
and  all police - amateur - airplane signals, airplane
type illuminated dial, 3-point tone control, two-speed
tuning, automatic volume control and large dynamic
speaker. A classic design cabinet".
It could be found
for sale in 1934 for $49.90, complete with tubes.

I purchased this radio in 2006 from an on-line radio
sales site. I was told by the seller that he had obtained
the radio from a lady who had inherited it from her
parents. So long as she could remember, it had been
carefully kept, wrapped in a towel.

The chassis is an ac-powered super-heterodyne type
using 6 tubes, the line up being 58 (RF amp), 2A7
(mixer/LO), 58 (IF amp), 2A6 (2nd-detector/AVC/1st
AF), 2A5 (power output pentode) and the ubiquitous
80 (rectifier).
Schematic, courtesy of NostalgiaAir.
Atwater Kent Model 206 Tombstone Radio (1934)
Atwater Kent 206   ...everything you could ask of radio is here.
For those who want fine reception and all
the latest features in a small cabinet.
The Atwater Kent Quality Statement
"There is no substitute for quality. When you
are buying Atwater Kent radio, you are buying
quality. You are buying the product of a company
that would rather not sell than build down to a
price. List prices of Atwater Kent radios are
set at the lowest possible figure commensurate
with their superior construction, and in
consequence do not contemplate fictitious
"trade-in" or other misleading allowances. You
can buy Atwater Kent radio with confidence, the
assurance that in its price class each set
represents the best value on the market. Always
of up-to-the-minute design, built of the highest
quality materials available, assembled with the
utmost care and precision and sold by a company
that stands squarely behind every set bearing
its name".
Source: mutliple 1934 Atwater Kent advertisements.
Atwater Kent Model 206 Tombstone Radio (1934)
Atwater Kent Model 206 Tombstone Radio (1934)