Atwater Kent Model 55C Radio in Kiel Table (1929)
I found this model 55C Kiel
table radio in an antiques
store a couple of towns
over, early on in my
collecting days. I didn't
realize it was a radio until
the owner of the store
pointed it out to me.

Back in the era when this
was first sold, furniture
makers would offer
cabinets to accommodate
the chassis of popular
radios of the day and the
Kiel Company of Milwaukee
was one of them. They
provided this table for the
AK model 60 as well as the
model 55.

See an original ad
from Fri Aug 30th, 1929.
A drop-down door at the
front of the radio conceals
the operating controls,
tuning dial and indicator
light. The table actually
has just a cut-out behind
which sits the faceplate of
the AK radio inside.
The round control knobs
are, left to right, local/dist-
ant, tuning and volume.
The toggle switch turns the
radio on and off. The small
round window at the upper
right covers the indicator
lamp. Like most radios of
the day, the dial is marked
in a graduated scale from
1-100 rather than showing
the frequency.
The top of the radio lifts up
to show the internal chassis
and loudspeaker.

It is a TRF design that
covers the standard
broadcast band and has
7-tubes:- 2*45 (push-pull
output), (27 driver), 27 (2nd
detector), 24*2 (radio
frequency amplifiers), 80

A 10" (inner cone
dimension) electrodynamic
loudspeaker is used, AK
type F-4.
This photo shows a closer
view of the innards of the
table. Notice the hangers
on the loudspeaker. This
loudspeaker as sold by
Atwater kent would have
been made for suspending
inside a standard radio
cabinet. Note also the
standard radio's line cord
coiled loosely inside and
plugged into a socket fed
by a cable that runs out
through the rear right table
leg. Antenna and ground
are fed through the rear
left leg.
Golden Voiced Table Authenticity Label
Mark of the Kiel Furniture
Co. of Milwaukee.
Kiel 55C Table Inspection Tag
AK Kiel Table, Power Input Connection Plug
This photo shows the base of
the rear right leg where power
is connected to the radio.
...Atwater Kent - The Radio With The Golden Voice
Atwater Kent 55C in Kiel Table ...the radio that "looks like a table - it is a table"
AK 55C Kiel Table
AK 55C Kiel Table, front down (click to enlarge)
AK 55C Control Panel (click to enlarge)
AK 55C Kiel, open top
AK 55C Kiel Table Chassis & Speaker (click to enlarge)