Atwater Kent Model 976 (1936)
Sadly, one of the last from the Atwater
Kent radio line. This 6-tube three-band
radio covered the standard broadcast,
short-wave and old police bands. The
tube line-up is 6A8 (LO/mixer), 6K7
(IF), 6H6 (2nd detector/AVC), 6F5 (1st
af), 6F6 (power output), 5Z4 (rectifier).
The same chassis was also used in
the model 856 tombstone.

I found this radio in a loft, missing its
dial glass and with some finish loss on
the fluted frontpieces. Otherwise it's in
good shape. Both photographs here
are of the radio as-found.
Atwater Kent Model 976 Console Radio Rear View (1936)
Atwater Kent Model 976 Console Radio (1936)