Atwater Kent 80
Atwater Kent Model 80 Cathedral Radio (1931)
The Atwater Kent model 80 "compact" was introduced
during the summer of 1931 with an initial list price of
$62.80. It was the company's entry level compact for
the 1931/1932 model year, having 6 tubes but no
automatic volume control (AVC). It may be contrasted
with the
model 82, which cost just $5 more and added
a "control" tube to provide AVC functionality.

All the Atwater Kent cathedrals are today highly prized
by collectors, the model 80 being not the least
amongst them. For an entry level compact, it for sure
shows not the slightest compromise in either cabinet
styling or quality. The set's fascia is of magnificent
composition, comprising a "
full vision dial", a semi-
circular "
arch of distinctive zebra-wood", panels of
matched butt walnut", an "ornamental grill", sided by
rope carved pilasters".

It's a six tube standard broadcast super-heterodyne
receiver having tube line-up:- 35 (first detector), 27
(oscillator), 35 (IF amp), 24 (2nd detector), 47 (AF
output) and 80 (rectifier). The schematic is available
here, courtesy of NostalgiaAir.
Compact Model 80... with tone control and other Big Set features.
"1932 MODEL. Super-heterodyne - tone control and
static reducer - variable-mu tubes and Pentode -
Quick-Vision dial - ornamental matched butt-walnut -
wonderful results on short antenna"