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Airline 93WG-602B Bakelite Table Radio (1939)
Montgomery Ward offered the brown
bakelite model 93WG-602B tube radio
through their 1939 catalogs, initially
priced at $13.95. It was manufactured
on their behalf by Wells-Gardner.

The radio was available as the model
93WG603 in either ivory painted bake-
lite or ivory plaskon, as well as the
brown bakelite model 93WG602 shown
here. Its distinctive machine-aged styl-
ing, featuring drum dial, magic eye tun-
ing indicator, push-buttons and prom-
inent vertical grille bars has long made
it a favorite of collectors. Relatively
easy to find, it must have been popular
when first offered for sale too.

The radio uses 6-tubes and tunes
standard broadcast from 528 to 1730
kcs. Tube line-up is12SA7 (mixer/LO),
12SK7 (IF), 12SQ7 (2nd-det/AGC/1st
AF), 35L6GT (AF power), 6AB5 (tuning
eye) and 35Z5GT (rectifier). The sche-
matic, along with directions needed to
set the presets & service info, is shown
here, courtesy of NostalgiaAir.
Airline Model 93WG-602B Bakelite Tube Radio (1939)
I bought this set many years ago at a radio show.