Zenith Model 6-D-014 (6D014) Bakelite Table Radio (1946)
Another variation on the Zenith Boomerang theme that made its first appearance in 1942, just prior to
the USA's entry into WWII and the suspension of all domestic radio production. This design is attribut-
able to the industrial designer Robert Budlong, retained by Zenith for many of their designs.

This is a 6-tube AC/DC superheterodyne radio covering the standard broadcast band. The tube line-
up is 14C7 (rf amp), 14Q7 (mixer/LO), 14C7 (IF), 12SQ7GT (2nd det/AGC/1st af), 35L6GT (af power)
& 35Z5GT (rectifier). The line-up represents a mix of Loktal and Octal types.
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Zenith model 6-D-014 Bakelite Table Radio (1946)