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Zaney-Gill Model 2445 "Music Box" Radio  (1930)
I have been unable to find out much about this early depress-
ion era compact from Zaney Gill. The company itself, accord-
ing to one of their own advertisements, started out in the rad-
io business in Los Angeles in 1915. However, the earliest
models I have found attributed to them are dated 1930 and I
have no information on what they did prior to that time. In late
1930 they relocated their headquarters to Illinois and not long
after, in May of 1931, they were bankrupt, yet another victim
of the Great Depression.

On May 19th of 1931, perhaps as a last ditch effort to save
their company, they filed suit in Chicago against RCA, among
others, claiming $1.5 million in damages for monopolistic trad-
ing practices. I have included the transcript of a newspaper
report describing the filing of this suit below. One presumes
they were unsuccessful in this effort as no more was heard
from the company after 1931.

During their short span, they produced several compact mod-
els, including the one photographed here, known as the
"music box".

The sticker on the rear of this set (see below) shows it to be
model number 2445 manufactured by Zaney Gill of
That places the date of its manufacture at no earlier
than late 1930.

This 6 tube radio covers the standard broadcast band only.
The two controls are for tuning (the dial is graduated 0 - 100)
and volume/on/off. The TRF chassis has tube line-up:-
224+224+224 (tuned RF amps), 227 (detector), 245 (AF out-
put) & 280 (rectifier). I have found no schematic for this set,
however it is likely similar to Zaney Gill's
Vivatone model 54.
Big Suit Filed By Radio Firm

Chicago, May 19 (AP) - Suit for $1,500,000 damages
was filed in federal court today on behalf of the Zaney
Gill Corporation of Illinois, manufacturers of radio rec-
eiving sets, against the Radio Corporation of America
and affiliated concerns on charges of conspiracy to vio-
late the Sherman anti-trust law and conspiracy to res-
traint of trade.

The complaint charged that through cross licenses and
the pooling of more than 4000 patents and the exaction
of confiscatory royalties the defendants had created a
monopoly to the exclusion of independent dealers and

The other defendants were the General Electric Comp-
any, the American Telephone and Telegraph Company,
the Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company,
RCA Victor Company and RCA Radiotron Company.

The Zaney Gill Corporation was petitioned into bank-
ruptcy in the United States district court yesterday.

Source: Newspaper reports (several) dated Tue May
19th, 1931.
The ad clipping above right is from the Hanover Evening Sun
dated Mar 7th '31 (Hanover, PA). The same ad appeared sev-
eral  times during Feb & Mar of 1931.

The ad immediately above is from an Appleton Wisconsin
newspaper dated Jan 28th 1931. My guess is it's the same
A revelation in sound amplification..  a new note in radio reception.
Jan 28th 1931
Mar 7th 1931
Zaney Gill 'Music Box' Radio (1930)
Nov 1930, Radio Retailing, pg 98
Zaney Gill 'Music Box' Radio (1930)
Zaney Gill 'Music Box' Radio (1930)
Zaney Gill 'Music Box' Radio (1930)
Zaney Gill 'Music Box' Radio (1930)