General Electric (GE) Model M-61 Tombstone Radio (1934)
GE's all-wave model M-61 (M61) semi-cathedral cab-
inet radio was introduced in the summer or fall of
1934, priced at $64.95.

The M-61 uses the same 6-tube three-band chassis
type as the
RCA model 128. When found, the plastic
dial cover had deteriorated to such an extent that it
was practically opaque. Otherwise, the set is in very
nice original condition.
GE Model M61 Tombstone Radio (1934)
Oct 28th 1934, Ohio
Jan 4th 1935, Ohio
Dec 19th 1934, Pa
Nov 1st 1934, Ohio
GE Model M61 Tombstone Radio Rear View (1934)
Modern semi-cathedral design.
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