Emerson Model AX-212 Table Radio (1938)
Emerson Radio Model AX-212
The Emerson AX-212 is a highly collectable
table model covering the broadcast band from
540-1730kc. The cabinet was made by
Ingraham for Emerson and the styling is
attributed to designer
Alexis de Sakhnoffsky.
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Mae West BD-197 page.

There are two versions of the cabinet, one
with a butt walnut veneer, as seen here, and
another, that is somewhat rarer, in maple.

The original purchase price of the radio, in
walnut, was around $19.95. To counter the
expectation amongst radio buyers of poor
sound quality from midget sets, Emerson
claimed in their advertising that their models
used the
"miracle sound chamber - equalizes
and naturalizes tone throughout the room.
Never before has such a tiny radio had such
an amazingly beautiful tone. Never before
such naturalness, such bell-like clarity, such
tremendous power".
The radio incorporates a 5-tube
super-heterodyne chassis, the tube line up
being 6A8 (mixer/LO), 6K7 (IF amp), 6Q7
(2nd detector/agc/1st af), 25L6 (AF power)
and 25Z6 (rectifier). According to the
schematic, either metal or GT type tubes are
suitable for this radio. This example has a mix
of both.

All the tubes except the 25Z6 were available
in an ST envelope (G type), but these could
not be used within the tight confines of the

A resistive line cord is used to set the correct
filament voltages, though on this model it has
been cut-off.
The radio features four inlaid strips of green
plastic, wrapped around the top and down the
two sides. My model does show some lacquer
loss and it appears it should have a back, but
other than that is intact (including the inlaid
green plastic strips). I've debated re-finishing
it but have at this point decided to keep it as
found. It looks very good on my shelf just as it
The Gemloid dial: "An illuminated dial done in cloisonne metal which is
exclusive to Emerson and also to Chrysler Automobiles."
...in a jewel of a cabinet less than the size of your hat..
  • 5 Tubes with 7-Tube Performance
  • AC-DC - Plays Everywhere
  • Electro-Dynamic Speaker
  • Automatic Volume Control
  • Full-Vision Gemloid Dial
  • Built-in Antenna
  • Beautifully figured, beautifully designed
    butt-walnut cabinet
Emerson Radio Model AX-212 Rear View
Emerson Radio Model AX-212
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