Atwater Kent Model 84 Cathedral Radio (1931)
The Atwater Kent model 84 is another classic
cathedral radio from the early depression era. To
me, it conveys a darker and more somber visual
impression than the delightful
model 82. It is
nevertheless a very beautiful radio, with its pointed
arch, escutcheon and modest side pilasters. Like all
the Atwater Kent cathedral radios, it is highly
coveted by collectors today.

In their advertising, perhaps as an assault on
market-leader Philco, Atwater Kent described this
and their similar radios as having the "Quick-Vision

"..Exclusive Atwater Kent feature. All Stations always in
sight and evenly spaced, for instant accurate tuning. An
Important feature.."  "..Easy to read as a clock, from any

When cathedral style radios were first offered for
sale in the early thirties, they were called compacts
or midgets. It is hard to appreciate this description
today, since by modern standards the cabinets are
large and heavy. However, when they debuted they
represented a considerable size reduction over the
large floor and tabletop models that were the status
The chassis is an ac-powered 6-tube superhet
covering the standard broadcast band. Tube
complement is:- 24 (mixer), 27 (LO), 24 (IF), 24
(2nd detector), 47 (af output) and 80 (rectifier).
There is no agc on this receiver and the volume
control, in a somewhat unusual arrangement, is
situated at the input to the IF tube.  

A later model of the chassis substituted remote
cut-off type 35 tubes for the mixer and 1st IF in
place of the sharp-cut-off 24 types. This facilitated
use of an improved volume control circuit which
functioned by varying the dc bias applied to these
two tubes.

I purchased this radio fully restored, in early 2001
at the Westford, MA, radio show.
...Atwater Kent - The Radio With The Golden Voice.
The Golden Voiced Compact with the Pentode tube...
Atwater Kent 84 Cathedral Radio
Atwater Kent 84, chassis view