The Atwater Kent 545 is a 5-tube AC powered 2-band
compact introduced as part of their 1936 line-up in the
early summer of 1935. It had an introductory sales
price of $39.90.

Its tube line up is 6A7, 6D6, 75, 42 and 80.  
Tuning range is 540-1712kc and 2300-7500kcs.

Within a  year of this radio being manufactured Atwater
Kent would close up his business and retire. He had
decided that he no longer wanted to manufacture sets
at a time when he felt other makers were compromising
on quality in the face of increasing competition.
Atwater Kent Model 545 Tombstone (1935, 1936)
"Five tube A.C. compact with short wave and standard
broadcast for foreign and domestic programs, police,
airplane and amateur calls - six tuned circuits - airplane
type illuminated dial - vernier station selector for
accurate tuning - full, rich mellow tone from the over
sized fully proportioned speaker - automatic volume
control minimizes blasting and fading and maintains
volume at a predetermined level"
Here's a smart new radio...
The cabinet was available with either the AC chassis, as
here, or as a battery-operated set (model 415Q).
Atwater Kent 545 Tombstone Radio (1935/1936)